Fårikål & Norwegian Beer

Many things come to mind when one thinks of the Nordic countries. Their gastronomy is world-famous and London is the perfect, multi-cultural city to find some yummy delicacies from those countries. Norway’s fårikål is its most traditional and common dish, but other Nordic delicacies are also available throughout London.

Perhaps the quickest way to go for a delicious Norwegian snack is Scandikitchen. The Scandinavian online shop / café brings products from all the Nordic countries to London. It also has a cafeteria near Oxford Circus station where you can find a wide selection of dishes from the Scandinavian region. Their shop hosts a great amount of products from Norway, as well, so you can even make your own fårikål at home.

Copper & Wolf is another great option for Nordic delicacies. Although it is Swedish, it entertains all Nordic countries. Their raw salt-cured salmon is their specialty, although the menu is regularly changing. For drinks, the best place to go is Nordic Bar, where their wide array of drinks from the Scandinavian countries is sure to clench your thirst for a beer from home.