Dim Sum & Then Some

Chinese is a favourite takeaway for Brits, however, this is most likely to be an occidental version of the authentic Chinese food. Luckily, places like Chinatown are busy with restaurants that serve quite an authentic meal from the country. Chinatown’s official website is a perfect source for finding the best Chinese restaurants. From noodles to dumplings, it is certain that they have listed a restaurant to suit whatever anyone is craving.

Not contentt with offering an array of traditional Chinese dishes, you can find recipes to make your own Chinese meals at home. For Chinese expats living in London, it is perhaps one of the most welcome gifts - especially since Chinatown drowns in little supermarkets that sell the most specific products for a real Chinese meal experience.

Chinese Tea: Giving the ‘Cuppas’ a Run for Its Money

Chinese street food is also quite a common practice throughout London, and while you may not find specific stalls, street food is served repeatedly in restaurants. What’s a good meal if it cannot be downed with a good old drink? Brits love their cuppas, but Chinese probably give them a good run for their money. The Chinese Tea Company, based in London, offers an authentic and delicious experience for your taste buds. From the most popular teas to more traditional hidden gems, the company even hosts a Tea Club. It was founded in 2009 to share the passion for the finest Chinese teas and provide the product in UK territory.
If what you’re craving is something a little more daring than tea, you are sure to find plenty of Chinese beers scattered in different beer speciality bars and, of course, in Chinatown.