Drinking & Dining Down Under

When one thinks of Australia, one may conjure images of the Great Barrier Reef, Sydney Opera House and expanses of startlingly white sandy beaches...Aussie gastronomy perhaps is further down the list. Australia however, is big on their local dishes and are keen to let Britain sample their spectacular cuisine.

In the past, many exclusive culinary events have taken place in London showcasing the work of Australian chefs and pairing up the delicious four-course meals with regional wine from different territories in the Oceanic country.


Additionally, there are an array of Australian restaurants based in London offering the best their gastronomy has. Take Lantana Cafe, for example, where breakfast and brunch are served in the most traditional Australian way manner, including their world-famous vegemite sourdough toast and banana bread.

Australia doesn’t stop at food either as there are plenty of bars and pubs embracing Australian beer and lifestyle. Walkabout is a classic Aussie-style bar where you can eat, drink, watch sports (probably rugby) and drink all types of imported beer (Carlton Draught, anyone?) from Australia.

While the UK is famous for their delicious English tea, Australia is home to some amazing quality coffee, and the many restaurants, bars and cafes that have popped up around London are a reminder and a fresh breath of air for Australians looking for a little bit of home.