Belgian Produce At The Speciality & Fine Food Fair 2016

Waffles, Moules-frites, the original potato fries and not to mention some of the most mouth-watering chocolate in the world, we have Belgium to thank for all of these culinary delights. Unsurprisingly, Belgium plays an important role in this year’s Speciality and Fine Food Fair (4-6th September, Olympia London), where over 37 countries are represented.

Marshmallow Gurus & Mouthwatering Chocolate Jams

From gourmet marshmallows to chocolate and fruit preserves, Belgium has brought a mouthwatering selection of produce to sample at this year’s fair. Let’s take a look at what you will have in store:

Barú NV: “The Marshmallow Gurus”

What To Look Out For: Expect to stand in line for Baru’s speciality gourmet vanilla bean marshmallows, dreamy chocolate hippos and drinking chocolate.

Belberry Preserves: “A Twist On Traditional Fruit Jams”

What To Look Out For: Belberry’s original jam recipes have stood the test of time as well as new editions to their repertoire including fruit & chocolate fondue, a new twist to spread on your toast in the morning.

Creme D’Or: “Belgian’s Finest Chocolates”

What To Look Out For: Brightly coloured Happy Jackson confectionary selection & intricately decorated chocolate Belfine lollies.

RC2 BVBA: “A Must-Have Accompaniment To Gin”

What To Look Out For: My Botanicals kit, like your very own chemistry kit to add a kick to your G&T

How To “BE Delicious”

In their own words “BE DELICIOUS was the brainchild of the food entrepreneurs Herwig Dejonghe and Christof Malysse. They met each other through a mutual enthusiasm for shrimp croquette, a quintessential Belgian dish with that delicacy from the North Sea, the grey shrimp, as its main ingredient.”

So what began as a mutual love of the shrimp croquette quickly transpired into a business plan: the ability to share Belgian cuisine with the rest of the world, particularly with Belgians living overseas. BE DELICIOUS now offer tailor-made food packages from “aperitif to dessert” which can be sent to you overseas so long as it complies with food import laws.

Whether you are hosting a “Belgian themed” office party, you are a Flemish expat association in London wanting to throw a lavish event or simply you want to impress you Belgian business contacts with food from their native country - these tailor-made packages are a great solution.