Food For The Soul: Embracing Israeli Cuisine

London is every foodie’s Disneyland and with the latest “foodvasion” from Israeli-born chefs arriving to tickle your taste buds and take you on a food journey through Jewish heritage, it’s about time you jump on board.


One name stands out in the Israeli food scene, the godfather of Israeli cuisine if you will, Yotam OttolenghiThe Jerusalem-born London-based food-preneur runs Nopi and Ottolenghi and is the author of three bestselling cookbooks. 

His name is revered in the upper echelons of the “foodiesphere” and rightly so, as his influence has spawned many Ottolenghi graduates who are pushing the boundaries of Israeli cuisine in all sorts of exciting directions.

In Israel we have layers of influences in our cooking from all of the different waves of immigration – just like in London.
— Or Golan - Ottolenghi graduate
  1. ZestRun by Petach Tikva-born Eran Tibi and north Londoner Josh Katz

  2. Honey & Co - Run by husband and wife Sarit Packer & Itamar Srulovich

  3. The PalomarAward winning new-age Jerusalem-inspired cuisine