Take a Fika at These Swedish Cafés

London is a busy and international city, the heart of Europe and a place many expats call home. It is obvious, therefore, that many international cafés and restaurants pop up in the British capital catering to the unique tastes and delicious aromas of foreign cuisine. Sweden is perhaps the Scandinavian country with most cafés in the city. Many restaurants group Nordic countries into their menu, but more often than not, you will find a selection of Swedish eateries that are nothing short of what you would find at home.

Curious Yellow Kafé is an example of this. The Swedish coffee house serves breakfast and lunch, as well as a wide selection of delicious cakes from the region. Their most popular dish is the meatballs with lingonberry jam. Bygga Bo is another 100% Swedish eatery near Walthamstow Central station that specialises in delicious salads. Besides the food, the restaurant also hosts poetry and music nights and you can always ask around for their fun wine nights to meet new wine aficionado friends.

The most authentic coffee shop, however, is probably Fika. Fika, by the way, is the Swedish way of saying to take a break. This quirky little restaurant specialises in unique dishes such as Swedish pancakes, sourdough toast, västerbottenpaj, Swedish salmon roast, and delicious puddings (who would say no to a kladdkaka?). They also serve a wide selection of wines and Swedish beers and ciders, snaps, cocktails and pressed juices.

For something a little fancier, you can visit the Stockholm Restaurant & Deli, which serves a delicious herring platter, gravlax, reindeer burgers and even renskav reindeer stew. Although slightly more expensive that its café counterparts, the restaurant is worth a weekend in to save up for a nice dinner.

Drinks can be had at the Nordic Bar which has a great selection of Scandinavian and Nordic drinks. Lisa’s Kitchen & Bar is another excellent Swedish cuisine gem, but it’s the drinks everyone is also there for. You may accompany your meal with a Swedish Mary, an Espresso Martini, or a good old Bellini.