All Kinds of Arab Foods

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Saudi food culture - and Arab as a whole - is a whole other world compared to the western. Segregated places for families (read: women), and non-families, fully-clothed dinners, and a million other traditions, laws and rules merged into a single meal. That is why it’s surprising to hear of so many Middle Eastern restaurants in London; many of them may not cater to traditional Arab families not for the lack of familiarity in the food, but for the western form of eating. However, for those craving delicious Arab food, there is a wide selection of restaurants to pick from.

Lebanese, Turkish, North-African are just an example of the wide selection of Arab restaurants. But those looking for delicacies especially from Saudi Arabia can check out The Saudi Kitchen. The restaurant serves an array of salads, soups, and main dishes such as madfoon, pukhary and gursan, amongst many others. The kunafa with cream is one of their most popular orders.

Other than cooking at home, this is the best you will get from your home country in London. There is a wide array of other Arab restaurants at your disposal in the British capital, however, if you’re looking to innovate and try something from another Middle Eastern country.