The Success Of Scandinavian Culture Exports

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Scandinavian culture is well and alive in the UK. In fact, Scandinavian everything is well and alive in the UK. Just think IKEA, H&M, Angry Birds, film. Is there anything the Scandinavian regions cannot export successfully? As part of the region, Finland has certainly made a mark in the United Kingdom through art, as well. London has become a stage for locals to be impressed by Finnish culture, arts and dance.

Folkloric Fiddle Tunes

The folk and music dance school, Trad Academy, was created in the hopes to interest more people in traditional nordic folkloric dancing and music. Although it does not specifically aim only at Finnish expats, there are plenty of things from Scandinavia happening in the academy. In September, Suvi Oskala - a Finnish fiddler - will impart a workshop about Finnish fiddle tunes aimed at those already with abilities to play the fiddle.

Nordic Dancing in the UK

Dancing is another common trait of the Nordic culture. For centuries, they have carried on different dances and rituals for different occasions. During two months, the Sadler’s Wells Theater, the Lilian Baylis Studio and the Platform Theater in Kings Cross will be home to Northern Light, a celebration of Nordic dancing which will take you through dancing traditions from Finland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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Lastly, you can check the Finnish Institute of London’s website for different cultural activities from the Nordic country. From design, film, dance to contemporary arts, circus, and digital culture, there is always something from Finland ready to impress attendees.

The Embassy of Finland in London is also known for its plenty of events, organising get togethers, film screenings, ceramic workshops, concerts, exhibitions by important Finnish artists, amongst others. Taking a look at their event section on their website will give you a handful of activities to choose from to keep yourself rooted to your home country.