Education That Feels Like Home

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As part of a global network of Finnish schools looking to promote the culture of their country and give an alternative to Finnish expats looking for cultural education for their children, the Finnish School of Kingston is a great option to further Finnish schooling. The school provides Finnish language education, as well as culture and customs of the country, while connecting the community in Great Britain.

Moreover, it doesn’t dedicate fully to children’s education, having a group of adult learners who want to continue on their education without feeling too far from home. The school is funded by The Finnish Ministry of Education, which looks to keep promoting their excellent educational system upon its nationals without limiting it to its borders.

Gaining Ground in the British Market

More and more so, European literature is gaining ground worldwide. However, language can always be a tough barrier to overcome. Often, literature that is not in English is overlooked.

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However, many Finnish books are now being translated to reach a broader audience and the Finnish Institute of London has a list of the first decade of the new century of literature published in Britain and translated into English. It is their way to raise awareness of Finnish authors in a British market.

Additionally, Finland was represented by Hassan Blasim in the European Literature Night this past May in London. Although the author and filmmaker was born in Iraq, he represents the country for having lived in it since 2004.