Smink Things: Finding Beauty in Disorder

going overground.jpg

Former Fashion Designer Marianne Smink was born and raised in Netherlands but has been living in East London for the past 12 years. She has a penchant for print and design work which inspired her to launch “Smink Things”, a collection of ceramic tiles and wallpapers.

Smink’s handcrafted designs lends itself to her imperfect, non-uniform style that she favours; the natural glitches that arise during creation are what sets her designs apart. She first puts her intuitive design to print which is then transferred onto tiles. Her spontaneity and instinctiveness is evident in the finished product, giving the overall look a charming rustic quality.

“My personal favourite is Going Overground, which was inspired by the way tiles were used in London underground stations in Victorian times. The tiles served the dual purpose of decoration and signage. The unique patterns in each station helped illiterate passengers to know where to get off. I love the elegance of this slim, rectangular tile and how they can be put together in different compositions creating unexpected patterns and colour groups.” Says Smink.