Luxury, Glamour & A Far Cry From Tradition

Japan has stood out for years due to its iconic bold statement fashion. From the most traditional kimonos to today’s variety and diversity in their fashion, the Japanese have made a statement worldwide. There are quite a few Japanese fashion stores in the UK catering to that sweet, innocent girl look that many Japanese girls sport today. And cosplay is no exception.

Japan is also synonym of luxury, and Butikku store which offers luxury Japanese design and accessory in the United Kingdom. Collections from the most highly solicited Japanese designers which are hardly available outside Japan make their way into the store that is always different.

Designers from the Asian island are starting to grow on international audiences. Of course the Tokyo Fashion Week is a great stepping stone for designers. Showcasing their newest and best collections, they often catch the eye of international buyers and decision makers that showcase them in the likes of London Fashion Week. TOGA, Yasuko Furuta’s creation, will be walking the runways of the fashion show with her hidden complexity.