Talent Across All Design Disciplines

Finnish designers have made a name for themselves worldwide. Sparking global interest in their trends and creativity, many designers have been summoned to the United Kingdom to showcase their talents. They have grown in furniture design, have started new reusable clothing trends and have outshined from their Nordic counterparts with amazing interior design.

Reusable Bridal Wear

Minna Hepburn is a Finnish designer who has been working in London for almost a decade now. A couple of years ago, Hepburn launched her third bridal collection and took London by storm. Her inspiration was the countryside from Finland, keeping a touch of lace and lightness to her designs. But above all, it was the idea of making reusable wedding garments that really made her push her boundaries and that shocked Londoners who thought bridal gowns were for a one-time use only. After her successful launch, Hepburn continues designing bridal wear in London and continues being an inspiration in the London fashion scene.

Innovative Furniture Creations

Finnish design is a main focus for the Finnish Institute of London, in fact. And they continually collaborate in projects through all disciplines of design. This year, Finland will be participating in the Designerblock’s Creative Matters project in the London Design Festival, which will take place in mid-September. It is not the first time the Institute pushes to have Finnish design showcased and to start a conversation between Finnish and British designers. In fact, during four years they held the Helsinki London Design Camp which aimed to increase the visibility of Finnish designers in the United Kingdom.

It isn’t the first time Finland steals the show at London Design Festival. Last year, Finnish interior design was the focus of the Tent London, and it provided an insight into Finnish aesthetics in order to be distinguished from their Nordic neighbours (think IKEA). This exhibition has carried onto new projects for this year’s London Design Festival, where 18 designers, brands and manufacturers have created Finnish Form, in order to showcase their furniture design at the end of September.