The Last Fata Morgana: 7 Czech Designers

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For such a small country, with only 10 million inhabitants, the Czech Republic sure has a big fashion scene. Designers are often being recognised abroad, and just earlier this year, the Czech Republic won the Country Award (the most important one) at the International Fashion Showcase in London. Seven designers formed The Last Fata Morgana, where they explored the worlds of fashion and taste.

It’s not the first time London has served as a stage for emerging fashion designers. The Czech Fashion Council and the Czech Centre London collaborated with the British Fashion Council and the British Council to exhibit Once Upon a Time at the end of 2015, where five designers exposed their take on the fairy tale world, exhibiting haunting stories, fantasy landscapes and more, through fashion.

There is an emerging scene in fashion designers from the Czech Republic, and they’re finding their way into the British capital. Earlier this year, award-winning Czech designer Pavel Ivancic participated in Fashion Utopias: Then & Now, a symposium where he spoke about work in Post-Soviet Czech Republic and about the new generations of designers he has the pleasure of teaching. He was the curator at Last Fata Morgana and is a recognised international designer, with his work having been showcased at London Fashion Week in 2007.

Czech Tradition in Mainstream Fashion

In an attempt to bring some traditional culture into today’s fashion and with the growing trend of embroidery in mainstream fashion, Czech and Slovak designers also hosted a workshop in February that was open to all ages and walks of life. Czech designers are definitely leaving a print in future generations of designers, and workshops such as this one are just the beginning of a long path of marks they want to leave behind.

Lastly, you will be able to attend the BREATHLESS: The Essence of Glass exhibition organised by the Czech Centre London this coming September. The exhibition looks to explore the craft involved in creating glass in everything that surrounds us.