Norway: Making It Rain Fashion in London

Norway has a long history of being showcased in London. Their modern, slick and people-centred approach has been an increasing interest for fashion-forward Londoners. Whether it is actual Norwegian designers rising to fame, or foreigners who are taking inspiration from Norway’s fabrics, landscapes and creations, the Nordic country is obviously leaving a mark.

The London Design Fair of this year is showcasing 100% Norway for the 13th year. Furniture design being at the centre core of Norway’s exhibition, the artists are proving that traditional no longer works coming forward with fashionable alternatives to ‘boring’ designs. However, clothing is not being left behind. 2014 marked the year Norwegian brand Norwegian Rain debuted officially in the United Kingdom. The project is an award-winning label, and it entered British territory with no other than Harvey Nichol’s Knightsbridge store. The clothes are high-quality clothes for extreme outdoor conditions with the technology necessary to endure. Tailored traditionally, however, there is a sense of harmony and elegance in the clothes.

Many other Norwegian designers have stood out in London. Lizbeth Løvbak Berg debuted her ‘Decay in Beauty’ collection in London in 2010 and has since expanded her own brand in the city. Kristofer Kongshaug showcased his work at London’s Fashion Week in 2013 after being awarded with the Best Newcomer prize at Oslo’s Fashion Week. Fam Irvoll has been a regular at London Fashion Week since 2012 and has even collaborated with Topshop with her ‘Call the Exterminator’ collection.

It’s Edda Gimnes who has caught London’s eye now, however. Graduated from London College of Fashion, the Norwegian designer will showcase her eclectic designs at this year’s London Fashion Week. London’s ‘junk backyard’ is her inspiration. From flea markets to people throwing out old stuff, she gets inspired from old garments and objects that seem to have no function left in them.