China’s Affluent: Dominating Fashion Week

Fleeting the ever-changing mainland China, a plethora of younger generations of rich Chinese families who have come into wealth just recently, are calling London their homes now. Amongst these many youngsters taking London by storm, are those who come to complete their studies, mostly higher education, and leave a well-deserved mark in the London fashion panorama. This year’s London Fashion Week, which will take place in September, will be showcasing some of those cases. Perhaps their overwhelming amount of money (after all, these are the only children of mainland China billionaires from the 60s), has given them the opportunity to grow in the British fashion industry; but their talents are obvious and the runways of the London Fashion Week are proof of it.

Ejing Zhang pursued her designing career in London; as did Huishan Zhang, Ryan Lo and Xuzhi Chen, all of which will parade their designs during Fashion Week. Ejing Zhang’s studio is based in London and it is there that she designs her unique aesthetics and techniques, making her one of London’s most proclaimed designers. Huishan will showcase his unique and elegant collection, a testament of his talent, which had earlier earned him a year of work at Dior. Ryan Lo, whose fashion detonates a sense of romantic fantasy, is on the rise with his modern wardrobe, often crafted by his own hand.