London Fashion Week: Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

Australia’s main problem with outsourcing their fashion was the distance. Unlike the main fashion capitals, Australia had no direct link to any other country to really exploit the designer talent that brewed within its borders. With the rise of the Internet and the invention of WiFi (which, by the way, is an Australian invention), they soon solved their problems. Social media platforms helped Australian designers showcase their work worldwide gaining momentum and finally being given the merit they deserved on an international scale.

With their newfound popularity, the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) garnered international attention which has led to Australian designers to be in the eye of the global fashion scene. Such is the case with Dion Lee, a 22-year old designer, who has already had his work showcased in the likes of London and New York Fashion Weeks. He is not the only Australian talent outsourcing, however, Jac+Jack, composed of Jacqueline Hunt and Lisa Dempsey, took their talent a step further by opening a store in Soho and expanding the reach of their online store in the United Kingdom.