Fashion Utopia: Timeless Clothing

This year’s theme seems to carry on the resonance of a utopia and fashion is no stranger to it. The International Fashion Showcase, part of the London Fashion Week that took place earlier this year and organised by the British Council and the British Fashion Council, showed the talents of emerging Austrian designers with their ‘Another Austria: Utopia’ showcase. This is the fourth time London has served as a stage for upcoming Austrian designers.

Liberating themselves from the restraint of fashion seasons, Another Austria balances the importance of commercial and non-commercial apparel as a foundation for cultural exchange. The five creative designers behind this Austrian fashion utopia have created pieces “to support personal idiosyncrasies and diverse forms of life, free of unnecessary embellishments”. In reality, the clothes are a reflection of the ever-changing world we live in; therefore, they are timeless pieces. Another Austria’s side purpose is to create connections between the creative minds in Vienna and London.

Celebrating Six Decades of Fashion

As the Austrian Cultural Forum London celebrates its 60th anniversary, many cultural events have been taking place within its walls. ‘Basic Structures of…’ is one of the many exhibitions they displayed earlier this year, focusing solely on the design of fashion. Austrian designers are on the rise, and with them come shifts in manufacturing, designing, producing and developing. The ACF looks to highlight the creative processes that the young minds from Austria are developing today.