Daniella Helayel Designs: Fit For Royalty

Everyone has heard of England’s royalty, and everyone has heard of Kate Middleton, Prince William’s better half. When she made the announcement of her engagement, she was wearing a unique Sloane design which was the creation of London-based Brazilian designer Daniella Helayel. Having made west London’s social scene her target, Helayel transformed her home into an event space where she shows off some beautiful Brazilian fabrics atop gorgeous Brazilian models while looking for funding.

Of course Helayel is not the only Brazilian in the league of royalty when it comes to fashion. Well, perhaps not in the same sense as Helayel, but without a doubt designers such as the great minds behind Isolda (Maya Pope and Julianna Ferreira) can also show off their great talent.

They launched their brand while living in London but soon realised they missed the warmth and colour of Brazil, and although they moved back, there is still a lingering feel of London in their clothes. They assure you that their clothes teach you a lot about their home country.

London has been a runway for many Brazilian designers to show their talent and prove why billions of reals are made in their fashion industry. Designers such as Alexandre Herchcovitch (don’t mind the name, he is, in fact, Brazilian) and Barbara Casasola have used London as their base for fashion, with Herchcovitch even parading his unique avant-garde designs on the runways of London Fashion Week.