Kuwaiti Duo The Hybrids & The “Turban Trend”

Husband and wife Ahmad Al Boloushi and Ascia Al Faraj have earned the right to their reputation as a social media power couple with their style blog The Hybrids, launched in 2012. Ascia Al Faraj, more commonly known by her Instagram alias Ascia AKF is half-Kuwaiti, half-American and is responsible for rebranding the modern Muslim woman through her pioneering “turban trend”.

The Hijab: Making A Statement

For a long time the hijab, a veil worn by Muslim women in the presence of adult males, was only ever considered to be a symbol of modesty, privacy and religion. Now, with the vision of pioneering “hijabistas” like Ascia the traditional headscarf is breaking into the fashion mainstream through the power of social media. This statement is powerful not only for young Muslim women to see that their faith needn’t hinder their sense of fashion but also for the Western world to expand and readdress their views which for so long have been too dismissive.

“Religion says that we need to be covered and we need to be modest but nowhere in the Quran does it say we need to wrap our head three times with a scarf. That is a cultural thing”
— Ascia Al Faraj


The Hybrids Leading Eid Season At Bicester Village

Bicester Village located in the outskirts of London is an outlet shopping village offering up to 60% discounts on high brand designer labels. The designer duo have been invited to curate an “Eid gift guide” as well as using designer pieces found in the village for their latest creations.