Antwerp’s Avant-Garde Designers First Time At London Fashion Week

A key moment in Belgian fashion history began when the “Fashion Design” course was introduced in 1963 at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. By the early eighties, the notorious group now known as “The Antwerp Six” took the Belgian fashion scene by storm. These young avant-garde designers made a huge impact on the international fashion scene, officially putting Belgium on the map for fashion design innovation. Since then, the fashion course brings in hundreds of students from around the globe each year.

The New Generation Of Belgian Designers

One Belgian designer who grew up under the influence of the Antwerp Six is Cedric Jacquemyn, who forms the new generation emerging from the Belgian city. Jacquemyn’s menswear is a blend of sophistication and urban design.

"I've always been interested in Belgian fashion and in Antwerp. There's a focus on smaller, more independent fashion brands. If you look at Belgian fashion labels, there's always this quest for being free and though your life or your label may get more serious, the strength of the Royal Academy is that it forced creative thinking, which in turn becomes a reminder of your freedom. Doing what you believe in means it takes longer to get off the ground."

You can find Jacquemyn’s designs in Eizenstein, a designer clothing store in London.

Belgian Husband-Wife Team At London Fashion Week

A.F Vandevorst are by no means new kids on the block in Belgium or to the fashion world in general, but it will be the first time An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx will showcase their work at London Fashion Week, Autumn line.

The fashion power couple are also Antwerp Academy graduates, having left the school in 1991. They launched their shoe collection in 2003 and then a lingerie line in 2006. In their own words, their style is “avant garde, rock ’n’ roll with a gender twist.”

This latest twist can be seen in their experimentation with tailoring, having teamed with Scabal, a Belgian men’s tailor, the duo have created four suits designed for the female shape. The collection can be found in Selfridges.