Tiger of Sweden: Challenging Traditional Tailoring

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Sweden has excelled in many aspects around Europe. The tech hub country is often exporting its best startups and surprising people with its creative and innovative design ideas when it comes to architecture, furniture and more. However, Sweden is also a small fashion capital and London is the perfect place for them to showcase their best work.

This year’s London Fashion Week will see Tiger of Sweden’s work on the runway. The Stockholm-found tailoring brand operates in three different continents today and is a fashion-forward mens and womenswear label. However, a more traditional look at Sweden’s fashion is also on its way to London with Desirée Köster Couture. A series of seminars will explore the Nordic culture’s fashion and textile industries. Anna-Karin Jobs Arnberg will be bringing the Swedish touch to the talks. Teaching about traditions, folk costumes and music, she will also be teaching the Swedish form of embroidery, påsöm.

Inger Ohlsson, a Swedish knitting expert, will be teaching about the spedetröjan wool jumper, its history and how to make your own at home.