Conservative Arab Garb With An Edge

Seemingly, Saudi Arabia is becoming the next big exporter of talented fashion designers. Saudi Arabia’s female elite live a life of luxury - this includes wearing the best garments by the best designers. Are they getting a spotlight outside their country? These women are the ones with the bucks, and they are the biggest customers for the world’s biggest fashion brands. Today, they are starting their own and making it big outside the Middle East while at it.

Arwa Al Banwai is from Jeddah, but her education is from Switzerland. A woman of the world, she took fashion design courses in the British capital which are apparent in her designs. Her brand is now based in Dubai, but her London chic style is very obvious in her traditional regional clothing. Another Jeddah original is Samar Nasraldin. Her brand, Atulier, was launched in 2014 with full inspiration from her time at London’s Central Saint Martins and her time spent in Paris.

Another graduate of Central Saint Martins is Daneh Buahmad, whose brainchild, Daneh, includes collections that are both fashionable and wearable takes on the conservative Arab garb. Her works are flattering and Middle Eastern women are more than happy to wear her creations. But it is perhaps Mashael Alrajhi who has stood out the most. Her artistic edge works perfectly with the conservative lines and this year, her collection was selected as Saudi Arabia’s representation in London Fashion Week.