Canadian-Born London-Based Designers Taking the UK by Storm

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London Fashion Week is one of the most prestigious fashion events around the world. London is center stage in the fashion industry, and many foreign designers take advantage of its broad audience to showcase their newest collections. Such was the case with Canadian-born, London-based designer Edeline Lee. Having worked for Alexander McQueen and John Galliano, the designer has had A-listers as clients, including Taylor Swift and Alicia Vikander. The designer presented her latest Spring and Summer collection at last month’s London Fashion Week.

She isn’t the only Canadian enchanting Londoners with her work. In fact, Canada has been going through a fashion emergence in the London scene for the past decade. Although it seemed for a while that Canada was struggling in a fashion sense, the thing was that customers were looking for Canadian designers in the wrong backyard. They are mostly based in London nowadays. Amongst those celebrated is Erdem Moralıoğlu who has showcased his work multiple times at London Fashion Week. His collections are often praised on Vogue (Sarah Mower is a big fan of his and has labeled him the Christian Lacroix of London), and it comes as no surprise, since some of his clientele includes Marion Cotillard, Cate Blanchett, Emma Watson, amongst a handful of other A-list celebrities.

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Todd Lynn is another Toronto-born, London-based designer who has even enamoured Janet Jackson with his sleek and modern tailoring. His work was displayed at London Menswear Fashion Week this year, as well, with his rock’n’roll feel. His custom-tailored clothing has been work by the likes of Mick Jagger and Marilyn Manson; but he also caters to women with Beyonce being on of his top clients. There are, of course, a plethora of other Canadian designers in London taking the British capital by storm. Jean-Pierre Braganza and Mark Fast are other examples of the Canadian talent. It doesn’t stop at just the designers, but the critics, writers, editors and more in the fashion industry that are leaving Canada for London. Amongst the most celebrated is Style’s Tim Blanks who offers interesting, intelligent and unique fashion commentary on today’s global fashion week, becoming one of the most important voices for