Enhancing The British-Japanese Relationship

There is not one specific location where to find the large Japanese community of London. Scattered throughout the British capital, Japanese expats tend to concentrate, however, in North and West London. People from the community tend to flock and find each other somehow, whether it is through the many Japanese cultural events, or the Matsuri Festival, there is a lively and vibrant community growing in London.

The Japan Society is just one of many groups that aim to connect and help the Japanese community in the British capital. By promoting their country’s culture, they aim to enhance the British-Japanese relationships. Their idea is to provide people with a space to study the Japanese culture and their people to further educational exchanges between both nations. The Society is often hosting events for Japanese expats to mingle, exchange ideas and contacts and keep a healthy and vibrant community in the city.

Another great way to expand the community is through the Japan Foundation of London. Established in 1972, it has become a mecca for Japanese expatriates as they arrive in the United Kingdom. They promote a cultural exchange between nations and organise ongoing activities and events particularly in the arts, culture and education sections.