Cornerstones of Finnish Communities

The United Kingdom has homed Finns for a long time now, but since Finland joined the European Union in 1995, the number of Finns calling the UK home has increased significantly. Whether they are relocating for work, study or any other reason, the Finnish community has expanded greatly.

It was the Finnish Church which served Finns in London at first, dating back to 1882, and became the traditional cornerstone for their community in the UK. With time, however, other organisations have been born, connecting Finns with each other abroad, and easing their transition into the United Kingdom.

The Finnish Institute of London does not only advocate for Finnish arts, but is also a stepping stone for the Finns community.

Meanwhile, the Anglo-Finnish Society, which has been around since 1911, prides itself in creating cultural contacts between Finland and Britain. They are often hosting events to create these connections and also have a whole group dedicated to helping Finns find their way in the UK. Meeting other fellow countrymen can make transition a lot easier and help you keep your culture and traditions alive.

The Finn-Guild is another popular organisation through which communities of Finnish-British people connect. Bringing people together through language and culture, the organisation establishes social networks and helps people share experiences and knowledge that will aid other Finnish-British parties feel more comfortable in London.