Did You Know There Is A Little Portugal In London?

The modest figures from the 2011 UK Census calculated that there were 36,555 Portuguese-born residents living in the UK. More recent estimates however from 2013, suggested that the numbers had risen to 107,000. That means in just 2 years, an estimated 70,000 Portuguese-born expats migrated to the UK. It’s no wonder therefore that there is a small community in South London known colloquially as “Little Portugal” made up of an estimated 27,000 Portuguese migrants.

During the 1960s and 1970s there was an influx of Portuguese migration to the catering and hospitality trade in the UK, with many Portuguese women gaining a positive reputation as household servants. It was later on that the more affluent generation of Portuguese entrepreneurs flocked to the UK to set up their burgeoning businesses, evidence of which can be seen on South Lambeth Road. Golborne Road in Notting Hill as well as the Ladbroke Grove area also boast a large number of Portuguese-born residents.