Norske Communities in London

With 18,000 Norwegians calling the United Kingdom home, communities of Scandinavian expats are quickly expanding in the biggest cities. Most of them are settled in London, whether it’s for work, school or family. With so many Fins, Danish, Swedish and other Nordic expats living in London, there are many places and activities to do as a big regional community. The Nordic Bar is perhaps the most popular destination for those looking for a refreshing and familiar beer, as well as people from the area to connect with.

The London Norwegian Meetup Group is open for expats, British-born with Norwegian-heritage people, people learning the Nordic language, partners of Norwegians and those who are simply in love with the country and its culture. They have regular meetups to meet, chat, exchange ideas, share cultural things (film, music, etc) and, of course, share a cold beer from home.

The Norwegian Church and Seamen’s Mission in London is another popular spot for the Norwegian community. Fully busy with programmes of worship and events, the church is open for all expats to feel at home. Amongst their activities - other than their Sunday service - they offer visits to homes and hospitals to help with their services.

Perhaps the most popular Norwegian community group is the Den Norske Klub (DNK). It has been around for over 100 years and it is located at St. James’s Square. It is often celebrating events with important speakers and guests (royals, celebrities, leaders, amongst others) catering to the Norwegian community. Their lunches, dinners and talks offer a networking space for people interested in the culture, and they cover all sorts of activities from business to cultural arts and more.

Another popular Norway community club is the Anglo-Norse Society. The group promotes Norway’s culture, traditions and people while balancing out teaching about the United Kingdom’s customs, as well. Covering a wide variety of subjects, the society often organises events in hopes of forging a stronger bond between the nations’ people.