Irish In London: What’s The Craic?


Irish immigrants have played an important role in making up the international community in London for centuries, the first burst of Irish emigration dating back to the early seventeenth century. By the early 19th century, the British Industrial Revolution was already in full flow increasing the need for migrant workers. Meanwhile, conditions were worsening in Ireland due to the Great Famine (1846-9) and as a result, the greatest influx of Irish emigration took place in this period of history.

The "London Irish" Community

The 2001 census was the first to allow British citizens to recognise their Irish ethnicity, and not only those who were Irish-born. The figures showed that 674,786 people living in England (1.4 per cent of the population) were born in Ireland. This means that the UK is home to the highest concentration of Irish-born expatriates living abroad than anywhere else in the world. The largest Irish community can, unsurprisingly, be found in London.


The “London Irish” community are going strong and have flourished in London; the best evidence of this is how the communities choose to express their Irish roots every year to celebrate their patron saint, St Patrick.

There are so many organisations, clubs and communities targeting the Irish community in London and those with an affinity with the Irish. Here is a selection of these communities ranging from cultural centres and art galleries to theatre performances and cinema.