It’s Not All Race Cars & Money

It is really no secret that Arab people love the London lifestyle - especially those with money to spare. According to a 2011 census, there were over 29,000 first and second generation Saudis living in the UK, most of the in the Greater London area. Not all lead lavish lifestyles with amazing sports cars and spend £3,000 on a bottle of champaign; although they aren’t to be discredited either. With so many Arabs calling London home, no doubt a few communities have been conceived in the British capital.

For Saudis, there is the Saudi-British Society, which promotes the friendship and understanding of Saudi Arabian people and their culture in the United Kingdom. It serves all-around purposes, from business, to professional, commercial, cultural and otherwise. British citizens interested in the culture are more than welcome to join the society where a grand community of Saudi Arabian citizens thrive while learning about the UK customs.

The society is often organising events for members such as dinners, exhibitions, lectures, book launches (which are highly important in expanding the reach of Arab literature in English), amongst others. Moreover, the importance of the British-Saudi community does not go unnoticed at the Annual Dinner where two British citizens are awarded with the Rawabi Holding award for their contribution to the relations of both nations.