High-End Societies That Pack A “Punsch”

There are two main places for Swedish expats to gather and meet. The first is the Anglo Swedish Society, founded after the First World War as a means to fortify the friendship between Sweden and Britain. The non-profit organisation is a high-end society club that promotes intellectual cultural crossovers with prestigious events focused on the arts, which they often support by giving scholarships to outstanding young Swedish artistic men and women.

Continually gathering for elité events - such as the Punsch Ball - the society caters to Swedish expats, lovers of arts and who are looking for a community to carry on their philanthropic activities. The Punsch Ball, which will take place for the sixth time in October at the Cavalry and Guards Club, will present a cocktail and a 3-course meal followed by dancing, while accompanied by Swedish music.

The other big London-based Swedish community is the Swedish Church in London. The church isn’t only a place of worship, but a place for Swedish expats to get together and share their culture and traditions while making new friends from their home country. Through events and get togethers, the church looks to strengthen the community. It has spaces for the young and old, and shared spaces, as well. Their choir tends to be busy during the Christmas season sharing their culture and faith with London.