Lumière, Caméra, Action!

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The French Film Festival is back this year in the UK for the 24th time. Francophone cinema will be screening throughout the UK’s major cities with three venues in London. For a whole month (from November 4th to December 1st), cinema from contemporary titles, to good old classics, to documentary and shorts to programmes for younger audiences will be the sole focus of cinema.

Excuse My French

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For a more interactive fun experience, Viola!, the annual rendez-vous Frenglish Festival will be back this November. This is a space where francophone and anglophone cultures meet through performance. Theatre plays are set up in both languages The festival features companies from both countries inspired particularly by French culture. Their fresh, fun and flirty attitude will leave you wanting more.

If you’re in search of a good French laugh, Excuse My French often puts on comedy productions through theater and cinema. Oh, and if you’re in for a more after-dark, fun and bizarre show, Soireé Pompette seems to be as French as it gets. The cabaret show is almost always in French, and as the things you’ve seen in Moulin Rouge, it gets wild, it gets fun and it gets weird.

Political Messages in French Art

For one last peek at French entertainment, the London Design Biennale will feature the stories of Syrian refugees and their war memories. The visitors will be able to exchange money for sweets, with the idea of sending proceeds to educate children of displaced families.

Bastille Day

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Of course one of the biggest celebrations of the French community is Bastille Day. Every June, the Borough Market brings together everything that is French for a true Bastille Festival. There is food, drinks, jazz, Parisian folk music, games (yes, they do play pétanque), and a lot more activities. It is open for everyone French or francophile.