Chinese Cinema Present in London

Chinese cinema has been regarded as some of the best cinema around the world. It is considered to be at the level of Italian, French and British cinema. Its popularity has grown significantly and London hosts, since 2011, a Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) which highlights Chinese cinema and art. Taking place once a year, the CVF has had honour guests such as Cao Fei, Wu Wuna, Gu Tao, amongst others. The festival, which is a lively cultural and educational experience, offers panel sessions and workshops as well as screenings of the best Chinese films.

It takes place once a year in its full glory, usually in mid May; however, throughout the year it collaborates with the British Film Institute (BFI) and other UK organisations to bring events and other screenings related to the festival. In collaboration with King’s College London, one of its most prominent sponsors, the CVF hosts a monthly club with special guest directors talking at their films’ screenings. In the past, the likes of Zhang Wei, Lucy Sheen and others have appeared at the projections to discuss their work.