London Calling: Australian Bands Take the UK Stages

The UK has long been a producer of some of the most epic, timeless and amazing bands around the world. The kingdom can take credit for the Beatles, Queen, Rolling Stones, amongst many other bands that years after retirement, continue to blast through the the sound systems of younger generations. London, of course, has been the stage for many worldwide performers, too. Amongst some of the biggest are Australian bands who continue to take the British Capital as a take off point for tours.

From Rock to Pop and Everything in Between

Sure, London has hosted the likes of AC/DC, Kylie Minogue, INXS, Jet, Bee Gees, Men at Work, Savage Garden, and so on; all of them Australian. But today’s scene is shifting slightly towards a more pop rock, indie and everything in between vibe. Today, Australian musicians such as 5 Seconds of Summer, Tame Impala, Gotye, Sia and others are gracing London’s biggest stages and cultivating a fanbase bigger than the country itself.

London’s Stages for Actors’ Exposure

Many Australian actors have taken to Hollywood or Broadway to make a name for themselves; however, London is one of the biggest stages for stars looking to make it big in theatre. Actors like Hugh Jackman have been overly successful atop London stages and continue to promote London as a mecca for future artists in all disciplines.

London has also served as a huge film booster for foreign films with many Australian productions choosing to partner with the UK for both production and distribution purposes. All this has become more and more possible thanks to an Australian-British agreement signed in 2014 which enhances co-production opportunities between both nations.