Surviving The War With Music

After escaping Austria and seeking asylum in Britain, a group of Austrian refugees with a help of a few Brits created the Anglo-Austrian Music Society back in 1942. As a means to share their passion for their home country’s music, the group offered concerts throughout the war. As they became known around the United Kingdom, they also gained popularity in Austria, and soon after they started bringing Austrian Musicians to entertain English audiences. Today, the Society hosts numerous concerts throughout the UK, as well as hosting a recital competition with prizes and a tour included for the winner.

Talented Musicians, Filmmakers and Actors

Austria is often exporting their talented artists as a means to gain international claim. The importance of film, music and art in Austria started weighing more with the turn of the 21st century as modern topics escaped the claws of Austria’s past.

The Austrian Cultural Forum in London (ACF) offers a wide array of different activities regarding the arts, be it theater, film, music and more. By promoting cultural contacts between the Uk and Austria, the forum prides itself in giving a stage and audience to upcoming Austrian artists. In a partnership with Regent Street Cinema, the ACF screened throughout the summer six decades of Austrian film to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the forum in 2016. Just like that event, you can check out their many other cultural upcoming events such as concerts by Austrian young artists, installations, theater proposals and film screenings.