Samba, Caipirinhas and a True Brazilian Spirit

There is hardly anything more popular from Brazil than its colourful, musical and highly entertaining Carnival. Taking place 51 days before Easter, this festival is perhaps Brazil’s biggest tourism influx. However, being far from Brazil does not mean you get to miss all the fun. London has been a Carnival destination for many years thanks to its many events, and even its Rio-London Carnival Exchange which took place in 2012. The event brought together 500 UK and Brazilian artists and turned Kingsland Road into a tiny Sambódromo. It was celebrated as a rite of passage between London’s 2012 and Rio’s 2016 Olympic Games.

Today, London continues transforming into a Brazilian party every year and you can be a part of it in many different ways. Whether you stop by a delicious Brazilian churrascaria for a unique blend of flavours and a picanha, or pop into Floripa bar for an authentic cachaça caipirinha while samba dancers entertain you, or go all out by visiting Covent Garden piazza which hosts a Carnival-style parade with the London School of Samba dancers, capoeira performers and even a masked ball, which ends up in the Guanabara Club. You can’t say you missed the Carnival because you couldn’t afford the air fare!