Understanding the Arab Culture in London

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The Arab community may include an array of nationalities that are not only Saudi Arabian; but it doesn’t exclude them either. The community is often looking to promote their culture abroad, meaning there is a wide array of events happening throughout London. First off, is the London Design Biennale, where designers sisters Noura and Basma Bouze will represent Saudi Arabia with an installation that will leave you thinking about the infrastructure of resources such as water.

Perhaps more interestingly, is a look at an impossible journey organised by the Saudi British Society. Mark Evans OBE, a British explorer, followed in the footsteps of Bertman Thomas. They both crossed the desert from Oman through the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to the coast of Qatar. Evans will be launching his exhibition Crossing the Empty Quarter, where he will also be exposing a lecture about his 49-day, 1,300-kilometer journey. The event will take place on December 1st at the Ondaatje Theater in London.

For a more inclusive Arab experience, one must attend the Shubbak Festival in 2017. The festival is London’s biggest celebration of Arab culture and has been ongoing since 2011. The aim is to connect London audiences with Arab culture through an array of expositions, exhibitions and activities ranging from visual arts to dance, from architecture to debate and everything in between. Returning in 2017 after a year’s absence, the festival will bring new artists and voices back to London with the most exciting news, arts and folklore of the contemporary Arab culture.

More Arab-centered activities are arranged on a regular basis by the Arab British Center. Film, art, language, music - it all unites at this center, which seeks to promote the culture of the Middle Eastern countries in London.