World Editions: A Two Way Stream For Dutch Authors

World Editions is a relatively new initiative founded in 2013 by Eric Visser as a spin-off idea from his main project, De Geus, an independent publishing house in the Netherlands. De Geus was founded as a brave attempt to open to Dutch publishing world from what was a circuit of Dutch-only, or a select few translated from English into Dutch.

Visser, having now opened the literary circuit in his home country, wants to share with the rest of the world the talent that is brewing within the Low Countries. The idea is that De Geus will continue importing literary works into the Netherlands, while World Editions will export and translate works written the minor languages, i.e. Belgian, Dutch, Swedish & Icelandic.

5 Dutch Authors You Need To Know

Renate Dorrestein - The bestselling author is renowned for her dark humour and relentless depictions of the flaws in humanity. World Editions recommends: “The Darkness That Divides Us

Esther Gerritsen - Novelist and playwright, Esther Gerritsen, her novel “Craving” was one of the first to be published in English last year through World Editions. Her next novel “Roxy” follows the earth shattering story of protagonist Roxy, whose husband along with his mistress are killed in a car crash.

Anne-Gine Goemans - “Gliding Flight” is Goemans’ second novel.

Hanneke Hendrix - “The Dyslexic Hearts Club” is Hendix’s second novel, it was nominated for the BNG literary award in 2014.

Jaap Robben - As well as being a talented children’s book author, Robeen is also a poet, playwright and performer. “You Have Me To Love” is his first novel for adults.