Chinese Students Excel at Western Institutions

It may be a cliché and even sometimes a point of mockery, but Asian students, particularly Chinese ones, tend to excel when it comes to education in the Western world. The system in China is based on repetition, discipline and long school-days. Is that too much for British children to handle? Perhaps. Does that give Chinese students an edge over other nationalities in a more relaxed environment? Maybe. There will be no implementation of Chinese educational systems in the UK anytime soon, but there are plenty of treaties being signed between both nations to strengthen the education pool for both.

UK and China Joining Forces for a Better Education

Last year, Jo Johnson, the Minister for Universities and Science in the UK, and Yuan Guiren, China’s Minister of Education, signed an agreement which would push collaboration between both countries. This looks to boost academic research and student exchange between the UK and China, which may result in establishing new institutions for expat students in both countries.

China’s migrant families bring something that other nationalities don’t, and that is the push to be the best at school, to get children into the top league educational institutions and to work hard to achieve high results. Collaborating in an educational panorama for both countries may be the boost that British children need in order to succeed in the top results.

Although the agreements focus mainly on research - hence, on a higher education level - it does not mean that younger students don’t benefit from this partnership. The idea is to prepare students in both countries well enough to become the future’s world leaders. Furthermore, the UK has promised to help China develop its sports education by allowing Chinese football coaches to be trained in the UK through a joint accreditation system, which will help China grow its sports industry.