Great Reputation For Jewish Education

Whether you are looking to find a CRP certified Jewish school, a university degree in Hebrew, Hebrew Day Schools, evening adult classes or educational courses on the evolution of Anglo-Jewry in the UK, London has all this to offer and more.

The thriving Israeli and Jewish communities in London have resulted in a number of educational facilities for all the family.

Established in November 1855 by Chief Rabbi Nathan Marcus Adler, Jews’ College in Finsbury Square was originally intended as a training college for future religious leaders. Over the years, the college has relocated to Schaller House in Hendon, North-West London and was rebranded in 1999 to become the London School of Jewish Studies. Even today, the school is a hub of world class Jewish education for adults, university students and those training to be religious leaders.

The London Community Hebrew Day School was established in 1966 and has been providing affordable education to the London Jewish Community ever since. Children learn about Jewish traditions, practices, celebrations within the community as well as the rich diversity of Jewish communities around the world.

The Israeli Sunday school offers classes to children from age 3-16 as well as a 2 year course for students taking Hebrew for GCSE. The schools aims to maintain and develop children’s connections with Israel through the development of language, understanding Israeli culture and traditions. While the majority of classes are taught in Hebrew, there are option to take classes in English for those studying Hebrew as a second language.

Find a Jewish School is an excellent resource for families wanting to locate a Jewish school near to where they live. The website is a directory of nursery, primary and secondary schools. It is worth noting that for most Jewish schools in London, you will need to have completed a CRP (Certificate of Religious Practice) before you can be accepted.

Do You Want To Study Hebrew At University?

  1. University of London, SOAS

    At the University of London, you can opt to study a BA as a single or joint honours subject as well as an MA in Israeli Studies. The courses explore a range of subjects including history, politics, music and language. The university hosts a large collection of scholarly and research material, including Modern Hebrew literature

  2. University College London, Department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies

    The department of Hebrew & Jewish Studies at UCL aims to cover all areas of Jewry from antiquity to modern day.

  3. Queen Mary University, European Jewish History

    The programme offered by Queen Mary University is thought-provoking, dabbling into all aspects of Jewish history and scholar were influenced in the ways it was told. The programme also addresses issues such as identity and assimilation of Jewish communities.

  4. King’s College London, Abrahamic Religions, MA

    This MA offered by King’s College London is flexible and allows you to focus on your specific areas of interest, for example, religion, politics, Israeli culture and world affairs.