Irish Gaelic: The Trendiest Language in London

The Irish language has been transported out of Ireland thanks to the diaspora of Irish people, particularly concentrated in the United Kingdom. Despite the relatively low number of Irish language native speakers, it is far from a dying language.

Irish Gaelic has become an increasingly trendy language to learn since the 20th century, cultivated by language enthusiasts. This trend is reflected in the huge amount of courses, resources and facilities available for people who want to go back to their roots, or perhaps are learning Gaelic for the first time. 

Join the Scene: Gaelic Language Enthusiasts

Where are they all hiding? If you want to find a community of people in Britain who are interested in learning Irish or meeting native Irish Gaelic speakers in the UK, take a look at Coláiste na nGael, a website dedicated to just that.

The Irish language scene is particularly concentrated in London. Find out about Irish language events where you can meet and mingle with native speakers, as well as recommended language schools near you. 

Language Courses in London

Whether you are looking to enroll in evening classes or a full time university degree in London - you have plenty of options to choose from.

  1. Discover Irish Gaelic

    CityLit offers a course for complete beginners. Learn how the basics including greetings, personal information and how to order food and drinks.

  2. Irish Cultural Centre

    The centre offers an array of classes and courses depending on your level. Most classes take place in the evening so you can fit it around your schedule.

  3. MA in Irish Studies

    The centre formed in 1990 as part of St Mary’s University Twickenham has been acknowledged as “a leader in the field of Irish Studies'. 

Free Online Resources

The internet is a great thing, you can find so many resources to help with you Irish language learning for free, ideal for those of you with long commutes into work in the morning. Note: these resources work best alongside a basic understanding of the language.

  1. Beo - is an online magazine designed for those learning the Irish language. The tricky words and phrases have been underlined and can be automatically translated if you hover over them.

  2. Tune into Radio Na Gaeltachta or Radio Failte to practise your listening skills.

  3. Free intercambios with native Irish speakers is also a great way to keep your new language skills fresh; Ar an Drabhlas - The London Irish Language Meetup is a great place to start. The group was founded in 2008 and there are plenty of events organised each week.

Are you Trendy Enough?

If you have ever thought about learning the language of your native country or you want to become a Gaelic guru, London is a great place to learn the lilt.