Czech-Sporting Football Talent

Like with most European countries, the most popular sport in the Czech Republic is football. The nation has been actively participating in major football tournaments and has even exported plenty of stars to other European cities. Petr Čech is perhaps the most recognised Czech football player in the Premier League, playing for Chelsea from 2004 to 2015, and moving onto Arsenal. With the former club, he won 4 Premier League titles.

Besides football, however, Czech fans are passionate about ice hockey, volleyball, tennis and kickball. There is also a sport called Czech handball which is quite similar to team handball. The sport originated in 1905 and continues being played to this date. Although it is not a major export to other countries, some sporting venues in London offer the practice.

Czech Republic’s Biggest Pride

Czech Republic’s biggest pride comes in their ice-hockey team, which continues being regarded as one of the top five teams worldwide and continuously achieves Championships, medals and trophies. There isn’t a specific Czech sport one can play abroad, but getting together with the Czech community during important football events such as the World Cup or the Eurocup can be an entertaining way to make new friends and support Czech players across Europe.