Czech-Slovak Delicacies

Craving some knedliky or rajská? Wanting to take a bite of some delicious dumpling and accompany it with a nice cold Fredinand? London is a mecca of international cuisine, and the Czech Republic made no mistake in expanding its delicious gastronomy in the British capital.

North-West London hosts one of the most traditional and popular Czech restaurants in the city. The Czecho-Slovak Restaurant, part of the Czechoslovak National House, has been around since 1939, although it was relocated in 1946. It began as a club for the legionaries fighting the British Army but has since developed into an authentic gastronomy experience for Czech and Slovak expats living in London, or anyone else wanting a piece of their culinary heritage.

Schnitzels, meat salads, goulash and many other delicacies can be accompanied by the most delicious beers from the region. Additionally, since the restaurant only has a licence permit until 23:00 hours, it has partnered with Lately Night Club to allow you to continue your dinner night out through the night.

Czech Republic In Your Kitchen

If you’re preferring a night in but still craving some Czech products, you can find a wide arrange of selection at Halusky, which sells premium Czech and Slovak products in London. From fresh to frozen food, snacks, beers, wines, specialities and more, you will find them all in their online shop. They even have season products brought from the region to make your seasons feel more homey than ever.