Czech Tech: Making An Impact

The Czech Republic has an advantage over other European countries in the business panorama, and that is its highly skilled workforce and their low wage costs. Unlike countries like the UK or Germany, these educated workers are emerging in a country that can easily afford to create companies. It’s no wonder that many universal startups are born within its borders.

2016 is looking great for Czech companies abroad, and with the help of the Commercial and Economics section of the Czech Republic Embassy in London, it has become easier for them to expand into UK territory. The Embassy helps companies look for export opportunities, current market conditions and trades, as well as helping initiate contact with British distributors and more.

In fact, Czech talent comes in the form of startups in London, often shining before investors who are looking to help them expand. Companies such as TeskaLabs, owned by Czech businessman Aleš Teska, has their business unit located in London for easier influx of connections. Now working with French giant Airbus, their great success has led them to be selected to participate in IDEALondon, a program that will enable the Czech company to broaden its connections in the UK, as well as make an impact with its IoT and mobile apps around the world.

An Open Invitation for Investors

CzechInvestment, an investment and business development agency from the Czech Republic, is looking to join forces worldwide to promote the technological talent and industry that the country has. It is doing so by creating CzechDemo, a project that will allow 144 startup companies to participate in 12 events around the world.

Amongst the events is TechCrunch Disrupt London 2016, which will take place this December in the British Capital. This initiative allows Czech startups to present their products and services in front of thousands of visitors from around the world, allowing their companies to be in the eye of investors and possible consumers.