Czech Into Architectural Bliss

Czech architecture might not be the first thing to come to mind when thinking about innovative, modern and useful architecture. Perhaps the country stands out more for its culture and gastronomy. However, the London Czech Centre has made a point of showcasing the world-class architecture that brews in their country by putting together exhibitions of the best Czech designs and architecture to promote its culture in the UK.

The brainchild of Katerina Videnova and Adam Wlazel, MAK! Is a mobile architect studio which has been touring the UK for a while now offering architectural services. Throughout their travels, they design and organise events in the hopes to getting the word out about their work. Their last stop in September will be Birmingham where they will continue showcasing their incredible work.

Bathhouses as a Social Space

Additionally, and as part of the London Design Festival of 2016, Roca Gallery will open an exhibition from mid-September until the end of January exploring the communal bathing culture with architects and designers. Amongst the architects partaking in the exhibition is Czech studio H3T who have become famous across Europe due to their pop-up saunas. The project is aimed at reimagining bathhouses as social spaces.