Czech Immigrants Call London Home Since WWII

There is an outstanding number of Czech immigrants in the UK. Many of them come from the previous political entity of Czechoslovakia and arrived in the country as refugees during World War II. In fact, the last census recorded almost 35,000 Czechs in England. The UK has many famous filmmakers, footballers, architects, and more, who were either born in the Czech Republic and relocated or have Czech ancestry. It comes as no surprise, then, that the Czech communities in the country are quickly expanding.

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Expat communities are often organising events to make foreigners feel at home, connect with other countrymen and meet new people. Every Thursday, for example, a group of people meet to exchange the practices of both Czech and the English language while meeting new friends. There is also the Lochneska portal, which not only allows facilitates Czech expats’ transition into London, but also hosts activities and events for Czechs and Slovaks to meet.

There is also a British Czech and Slovak Association, whose aim is to bring together people from the countries in London with get togethers and other activities to continue promoting the culture and helping the community expand. Lastly, Pohyby is a community of Czech and Slovak immigrants in Great Britain where you can find plenty of activities to do such as food festivals, meetings, carnival, and more.