Czech Centre Presents: Beskydy Dancers, Glassmaking & Kroje

London is a huge base for international exhibitions, and the Czech Republic is often taking advantage of the many spaces to showcase their culture. Whether it’s literature, art, dance or cinema, there is always something to do catering to Czech expats or fans of their culture.

The Fragility of Glass

From September 16th to the 29th, BREATHLESS: The Essence of Glass will be on display in Kensington, London. The exhibition is a joint project by design studio DECHEM, Czech Centre London and OKOLO. The project looks to represent the essence of glass-making, from the moment it is born to the many ways it is represented and used around us. It is, indeed, a sophisticated art form, which is why glass-makers and renowned designers will be present to give improvised workshops to visitors about the craft.

Heritage, Pride and A Lot of Fun

The More House School in London is the place that the Beskydy Dancers call home. A group of dedicated dancers get together to learn and perform folk dances from the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Since 1952, the group aims to preserve and promote the folkloric dance and musical traditions of the region. Wearing kroje, the group is open to anyone wanting to explore the culture of waltz and polka from the Czech Republic or cardáš from Slovakia. Although today the group is mainly made up of British-born Czechs and Slovaks, they carry the country and tradition well into the 21st century with pride.