Growing Chinese Populations and Communities

With the growing amount of migrants from China settling in London and even with the second-generation Chinese in the city, it comes as no surprise that there are a lot of expat communities dedicated to them. Associations, centres and other organisations make life for Chinese expats in London a lot more like home. Take the Chinese Community Centre, founded in 1980, and dedicating its time to promote Chinese culture throughout the United Kingdom. The Center has even been graced by Royal visitors, and it provides different types of support and activities for Chinese migrants in the country.

Different community centers carry out diverse activities and events to provide Chinese British citizens with a chance to connect with their culture. The British Chinese Society (BCS) is often organising social events and cultural, as well as sporting, activities for their community. Events such as Chinese New Year or the the Dragon Boat Festival (held yearly in the London Regatta Center), carry great importance for the oriental nation, and are often organised in order to bring joy and cultural tradition to Chinese citizens, as well as promoting their culture and traditions to British nationals as well as any other expat living in the country.

Chinatown: Concentration of Chinese Options

Of course, the biggest concentration of Chinese people is found in Chinatown, located in the City of Westminster, where one can enjoy not only the lively and honest Chinese community, but also traditional architecture and the best Chinese food and drinks. Items of Chinese origins can also be found within its packed streets.