The Growing Popularity of Alternative Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine has been around for thousands of years and continues being a hype in the mainstream medical industry. Although it has been criticised by many for not being scientific, the use of the practice continues growing worldwide. It includes forms of herbal medicine, massages, therapies and acupuncture. With demand comes offer, and London has been no exception to the growth of demand for traditional medicine.

In fact, taking from the critics about it not being scientific, there have been a number of research centres focusing efforts in conjoining traditional Chinese medicine to conventional western medicine. Such is the case with the Institute of Chinese Medicine in London, which works alongside major hospitals and accomplished specialists from different fields from both nations and both practices. The Institute caters to all different medical needs such as acupuncture, weight issues, sexual dysfunction and herbal treatments.

The Chinese Medical Centre of London also provides herbal medicine alternatives for people from all walks of life. With highly qualified specialists from China, they cater to patients through herbal therapies and other traditional methods, not missing the beat in patient care.