Canada's Jolly Hockey Sticks

Ice hockey is the official national winter sport for Canada and it is the home of the National Hockey League, an immensely popular sport. If you have never seen a game of ice hockey, be warned that it is a contact sport meaning that it can become fairly violent. The game is played on an ice rink and it involves two teams competing to score the rubber puck in each other’s net.

Ice hockey players are likely to be accustomed to the pain of game, there’s no soft grass or rubber balls to bounce off them, instead freezing ice and the puck of pain, kept at 0 degrees Celsius. 

Ice Hockey Regaining Popularity in London

Since the early noughties ice hockey has been dwindling in popularity with a number of clubs being forced to close down, but recently the sport has rekindled its following with 4 main clubs opening in the capital.

Did you know, London has its equivalent of North America’s league: the English National Ice Hockey League (ENIHL). Unlike the NHL, London’s league is full of amateur players making it very accessible for all new players to join.

There are four competing teams and throughout the season, every team must play against each other 4 times, twice at home and twice away, meaning that there are plenty of opportunities to play and matches to see.