Canada: Taking Diversity For Granted

When Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada came to London last year he addressed the subject of diversity in his country. In recent years, immigration has been a polemic issue in politics with many adopting attitudes of hostility and negativity. Trudeau’s speech conveyed Canada’s open and accepting attitude towards immigration; diversity, after all, is Canada’s strength.

For Canada, diversity is “not a challenge to be overcome or a difficulty to be tolerated. Rather, it’s a tremendous source of strength”. This is evident throughout their politics with the passing of the Multiculturalism Act (1988) and the Official Languages Act (1972).

One-fifth of Canadians were born elsewhere, and chose to immigrate to Canada. In our largest city, more than half were born outside Canada. We’ve raised generation after generation of children who think nothing of hearing five or six different languages spoken on the playground.
— Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada

Taking a Leaf Out Of Canada’s Books

In the wake of the Brexit mess, it would do Britain a great deal of good to take a leaf out of Canada’s books and give up the hostility. Britain, like Canada, has prospered due to its multiculturalism and it is about time we get off our high horses and accept that.